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Photograph or Image   XIGO is a supplier and installer of Audio, Video & Communications cable for the Broadcast Industry. We supply a range of cable suited to any application such as Studio, Infrastructure, Outside Broadcast & deployed enviroments.

Our range include the following Catagories:

Draka Audio Cable

  • Microphone Cable
  • Quad Microphone cable(Outdoor)
  • Analogue Audio Cable Stranded
  • Analogue Audio Cable Multi Pair Stranded
  • Digital Audio Cable Stranded
  • Digital Audio Cable Multi pair Stranded
  • Digital Audio Cable Multi pair Solid Core
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Supplied in a vareity of cores & applications for Indoor and Outdoor use

Draka Video cable

  • SDI (SD-SDI)
  • Analogue PSF
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Available from 1.9 to 7.3mm Outer Diameter sizes (O.D.Ø) for various transmission distances & applications

Draka Fibre Optic Hybrid Camera Cable

Fibre Optic Hybrid cable to SMPTE 311M specification suitable for all your Studio & OB Installations for todays HD Camera Systems
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Draka Data Cable

  • CAT-5E UTP Solid
  • CAT-5E FTP Solid or Stranded
  • CAT-7 FTP Stranded
  • Communication cable RS232,422,485 & Mil Spec
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Draka Studio Cables

  • Multi Purpose (Audio, Video, Data, Power)
  • Multi Application (Indoor Interconnect, Link, Outdoor Link, OB)
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A vareity of multi application cables lets you carry everything you need in one run fully isolated & insulated from one another!

Draka Triax Cable

  • Solid Core (Non-Flexible)
  • Stranded (Flexible)
  • PUR Jacket
  • PVC Jacket
  • FRNC Jacket
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Available in 8,11 & 14mm Outer Diameter size (O.D.Ø)

Contact us for any of your cable requirments be it small or large.