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XIGO PRO A/V Projects

September 2008 - Professional Audio & Video Systems Installation of a Fully Automated Corporate Board Room & High Definition Theatre.
Photograph or Image   Radisson SAS Lauches their Flagship Board Room Le-Hoq and with the successful completion of the fully integrated AV system & automated room services such as lighting & curtain control XIGO was proud to be the Prime PRO A/V Installer!
Photograph or Image   Positioned on the Stunning Shore Line of St. Helier, Jersey the Le-Hoq Suite delivers professional technology in an elegant & sophisticated enviroment.
Our objective was to deliver a fully Automated Audio, Video & Lighting system without hindering the pleasing asthetics of both room and view. Features such Music, DVD, Computer VGA and other external sources were integrated both in the equipment rack and at the meeting table.
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Photograph or Image   Automation & control of a 3m wide 16:9 tension tabbed screen allowed for Video & Graphics to be displayed deep in the bay window area of the Le-Hoq Suite and situated dead centre of the meeting table.
At the same time the screen is deployed the projector & lift initates and deploys ready to deliver the picture source selected for presentaion. Concealed, the projector is no where to be seen when not in use and returns back into the ceiling until it is required again. The 1080p High Definition 3400 ansi lumens projector utilises a fixed super wide angle lens to deliver stunning Blue Ray Media to the viewer.
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1080p image of James Bond Movie 'Casino Royal' Blue Ray Edition playing in the Le-Hoq Suite
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Carefull positioning of ceiling recessed directional kevelar speakers & 2 channel sub system delivers crystal clear surround sound to the audience enhancing the High Definition cinema experience
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Photograph or Image Photograph or Image
At the heart of the system our equipment rack neatly houses all necesary equipment that drive the entire system...
...and although beautiful to some we realise not to all hence our custom installation into the rooms complimenting furniture allowed for the technology to be discreetly installed with in the room.
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November 2008 - The Rocco Suite Radisson SAS, Jersey. XIGO delivers a Multifunctional Conference & Banqueting Full Auotmated Audio & Video Facility.
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The Rocco Suite has been designed with functionality in mind! Allow the Conference and Banqueting department to efficeintly and effectively deliver any room configuration required by their clients. The Rocco suite can be configured as 3 independant rooms, 2 + 1, 1 + 2 and finaly one whole room for those Grand occasions.
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Photograph or Image Photograph or Image
Audio & Video facilities were made available and custom designed to cater directly for specific functions such as Weddings, Meetings, Conferences...
... or simply those delightful dinner evenings!
Our main challenge however was to allow all this to happen independantly in any room configuration and all at the same time. This was achieved with the carefull selection of professional equipments along with a high degree of engineering design and software programming.
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Photograph or Image Photograph or Image
Our In house engineering services integrate the necessary equipment to achieve this objective using only some of worlds rmost renowned manufacturers components to...
... on top of this our skilled professional team delivered fully customized designs and software programs that were specific to the Radissons needs.
The end result adds value to the Radisson's services to their clients & most importantly generates more revenue!
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