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Special Offers

XIGO is constantly rotating stock which also includes manufacturers' end of line or Ex-Demonstration equipment that can be found here on this page. Contact us immediately to secure your bargain.

You may contact us by phone:

National: 0845 833 XIGO
International: ++ 44 845 833 9446
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or you can email us at this address......... (please enter email in manually, we appologise for inconvience but this was done to reduce the amount of unwanted junk email)
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Photograph or Image   Evertz 8010
SDI Time Code Reader/Generator with Character Inserter

The 8010 SDI Time Code Master is a full function time code reader/generator system for serial digital video. The 8010 is a combination generatoreader for Linear Time Code (LTC) and Digital Vertical Interval Time Code (D-VITC), and contains a high resolution character inserter which can burn the generator or reader numbers directly into the digital program output as well as an optional analog monitoring output. A 16 digit alphanumeric display can be quickly delegated to show the required data.

The 8010 will accept 525 or 625 line component digital video. The 8010 time code generator can be preset to lock to the digital program video either by simple frame locking, or where necessary it will color lock to an analog Colour Reference in accordance with the 4 field NTSC or 8 field PAL color sequence.

Condition: New in original Box (unopened)
Original Retail £1,800.00

Your Buy Price £ 900.00 Ex-VAT

Photograph or Image   Tektronix ECO422
Tektronix ECO422 Emergency Change Over Unit for SPG's

ECO-422 provides automatic and manuaI operating modes. In automatic, the ECO-422 monitors the primary sync source outputs and switches to the back-up should the primary fail. The manuaI mode aIIows the user to select the desired source in the unlikely event both sources have faults. The manual mode also facilitates periodic testing of the changeover itself. Fault and operating indicators provided on the front panel make it easy to keep track of the unit?s operational status.

Brand New in a Box as purchased from Tektronix!

Condition: New in original Box (unopened)
Original Retail £1,900.00

Your Buy Price £ 1,200.00 Ex-VAT

Photograph or Image   360 Systems Image 2000 Server
360 Systems Image 2000 Video Server SDI & Composite & Audio A2000B-PAL120

3 Channel Video Server SDI & Analogue Composite Inputs & 3 SDI or Composite Outputs
Drive Sizes Total Storage
(4 drives) Time @ 12 Mb/sec
Time @ 10 Mb/sec
Time @ 8 Mb/sec
120 GB 480 GB 52 hours 61 hours 72 hours

Brand New in Box!

Photograph or Image   Fujinon Fujinon S16x7.3BMD-D18 lens

7.3 mm 823 x 617 mm
117 mm 51 x 39 mm
7.3 mm 47¢20' x 36¢24'
117 mm 3¢18' x 2¢21'

-General Specifications
M62 x 0.75
¥Õ 65 x 141.8 mm
MASS(Without Hood) :0.87 Kg

Brand New In Original Box £1,100.00
Condition: New in original Box (unopened)
Original Retail £1,900.00

Your Buy Price £ 1,100.00 Ex-VAT

Photograph or Image   Vinten Pro-10 Camera Support

A low-priced, lightweight camera support system, the perfect combination for the
latest professional digital and ENG cameras. Providing exceptional value for money, the Pro-10DC system comprises a pan & tilt head, Pozi-Loc two-stage aluminum tripod with adjustable leg locks, a floor spreader and soft case. The head provides smooth control and movement through 360 of pan and +90 to -60 of tilt with continuously variable fluid drag. An illuminated level bubble is provided for convenient set up in low-light situations.

10 kg (22 lb) capacity
Illuminated level bubble

-General Specifications
Pro-10 Pan & Tilt Head
Load capacity 10 kg (22 lb)
Weight (including slide plate, bowl clamp and pan bar) 2.4 kg (5.2 lb)
Tilt range +90 -60
Pan range 360
Counterbalance Fixed for a 7.5 kg (16.5 lb) payload
Camera fixing Sliding quick-release plate with 1/4 in. and 3/8 in. camera screws
plus location pin
Levelling bowl 75 mm
Levelling bubble Illuminated
Pan bar Single fixed length - optional second

-Pozi-Loc two-stage aluminium tripod
Load capacity 25 kg (55 lb)
Weight 3.2 kg (7 lb)
Minimum height with spreader 41.6 cm (16.4 in.)
Maximum height with spreader 156.2 cm (61.5 in.)
Transport length 71 cm (28 in.)
Head fixing 75 mm bowl
Condition: Ex-Display
Original Retail £700.00

Your Buy Price £ 400.00 Ex-VAT

Photograph or Image   OB Tow Generator 22KVa
Deutz operated diesel generator broadcast tow trailer. Air cooled, 22 KVA, 17.6KW, prime rated at 240V, 1-phase, 0.8PF 50Hz @1500 rpm with Auto Start Button and control & Monitoring Panel. Brand New, only primed & tested. Finished in Snow white with lighting or kit storage. Ideal for site power, scene or ENG power. Originally made for OB truck but order cancelled and left us with unit

Orginal Sale price £19,500.00
Picture Available shortly.

Brand New! Hours operated simply for testing and maintence/service. UK & European Road Specification with Hand breaked tow -hitch.
Orginal price £19,500

XIGO Special Offer Price £13,500.00 Ex-Vat