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XIGO took a great interest in working with 4x4 Vehicles and particularly the Land Rover Defender was amongst the favourite for reliability in extreme terrains world wide and service centers available to the end users. Pretty much every where you go you can guarantee there is either a main dealer or specialist repair centre that can work on your vehicle easily and quickly. The Defender has not changed much over previous years and only very recently has any modification or changes been made to the model. Looking at the heritage:

Defender (1990-2006)

  • 1998 Td5 engine introduced.
  • Fuel tank and filler repositioned to rear.
  • Bonnet stowage of wheel outlawed.
New 2007 Defender

  • New 2.4 litre diesel engine, producing 360Nm of Torque.
  • New Six speed transmission.
  • New facia and seating.
  • New heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.
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The defender has been used for hundreds of applications including Touring, Racing, Tourist, Municipal services, Private Sector Services, Military and Communications. In 2003 Land Rover embarked on a new project that influenced design features further on their vehicles.
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This venture was the Land Rover G4 Challenge which is an exciting global adventure competition with driving at its core, run in support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
Photograph or Image   The Challenge brings to life Land Rover's adventurous spirit and demonstrates the breadth of capability of its vehicles. It is designed to be exciting, engaging and inspiring - and these qualities make it an excellent fundraising and awareness building platform for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

XIGO can build you a DSNG vehicle based on the Landrover Defender Model 90 and or 110 extended chassis. The G4 Challenge influenced our design and made the Defender that much more appealing to our customers.

Between the Land Rover Defender and the worlds most reliable SNG System manufacturers, delivering mobile news has never been so reliable under harsh enviromental conditions.
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Some of the G4 options that complete the XDEF 90 & 110:
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Electric Winch

Rigging Lights

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Wrap Around Nudge bar

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Camera Man Wing Top Protector

Reinforced Skirt protector


SNG Specifications
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XIGO's typical DSNG vehicle specifications in a 1+0 Configuration

  • XDEF90/1500KU 'Defender 90 Base Vehicle'
  • 4x4 Vehicle Extreme Off-Road Environment, 2 Seats Driver & passenger. 2.4 litre common-rail diesel engine.
  • Compact 1500 Ku-Band Antenna System diag. 1.5m- 2-port RX/TX lin. polarized feed
  • TX: 13,75...14,5GHz RX: 10,7...12,75GHz,LNB Kit 1 Dual Band PRO LNB (10.95-12.75GHz) with Integrated Outdoor HPA 400W Ku-band TWTA (Frequency range: 13.75-14.50 GHz).
  • Integrated Air Conditioning System for Equipment & Operators.
  • Power Input & Distribution Ready & Single output for Off Board Equipment.
  • EIA Rack Ready.
  • Durable Wooden Production Desk.
  • Insulated & Carpeted Finished Interior.
  • Vinyl Textured Durable Floor.
  • Two Fold away operator seats.
  • Interior Lighting.
  • Two camera case tie down points inside.
  • Two cable drum lashings inside.
  • Stabiliser Hand Kit (Set of 4)"

XIGO's Typical 2 Camera System Specification for the XDEF90

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  • 2 x Sony, Thomson or Panasonic Triaxial (or Hybrid Fibre for HD) system camera chains that include Camera, lens, Camera adapter, View Finder, Tripod, CCU, RCP.
  • 8 Input SD Digital Vision Mixer
  • Video Monitoring
  • VTR (1/2 bay)
  • Disk Recorder (1/2 bay)
  • Engineering WFM
  • Audio Mixer 8 Input Analogue
  • Audio Delay
  • Comp/Limiter
  • Production Monitoring
  • ENG & VT Monitoring
  • Audio Record/Play
  • Talkback
  • Clock & Timecode Equipment
  • Glue & Infrastructure & Routing
  • Branding/Logo
  • Synchronisation
  • Communications Equipment
  • Outboard Equipment
  • Camera Termination Panel

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To receive a brochure & technical specification on the XDEF90 & XDEF110 DSNG packages, please fill out the form below.

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