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Photograph or Image   Electronic Ballast EB 18/12 ARRIMAX

At a Glance
  • Universal Electronic Ballast
  • 12/18 kW - Power Controlled
  • Active Line Filter (A.L.F.)
  • DMX Control
  • 12/18 kW Power Indication
  • Dimming 50...100%
  • Low Noise Mode (50/60 Hz)
At IBC 2005 ARRI Lighting introduces the new Electronic Ballast EB 18/12 Arrimax.
The new EB 12/18 ARRIMAX provides the latest standards in ballast technology.
Equipped with DMX remote control for dimming and ON/OFF functions and 12 or 18 kW power indication as well as flicker free and low noise modes, the ballast is ideal for the most demanding applications.
A rugged and compact design offers easy handling in the field. Also the combination of safety circuits such as over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit protection gives safe and reliable operation.

Photograph or Image   ARRI EB 2500/400 Boost and Remote Booster Control

At a Glance
  • Boost 2,5/4kW to 4/8kW
  • Active Line Filter
  • Flicker Free
  • 90 25V 50/60Hz 1, N, PE
  • Remote Control
The electronic ballast with booster function for both 2,5 and 4kW HMI lampheads is the ideal workhorse for high speed photography. On top of all the features of a standard EB 2500/4000 such as Active Line Filter, the Flicker Free and Automatic Lamp Power Detection, this ballast includes the possibility to boost the Lamp Power to 200% of the nominal lamp Power.
When the boost function is activated, the ballast can deliver up to 8kW for up to 20 seconds maximum with and repeat this every 180 seconds. Using automatic timer circuitry, the power is optimally delivered to the lamp in order to maximize lifetime.
The ballast combines ideally with the Arrisun 2,5kW or the Arri X2,5/4kW for application in crash test sites, airbag and other component tests.
An optional hard wired remote control unit allows remote ON/OFF, Boost ON/OFF and Dimmer operation for manual operation. Upon wish, customers can operate the ballast integrated in their own control system.

Photograph or Image   New ARRI EB 575/1200 A.L.F

The improved electronic ballast for both 575W and 1200W lampheads is now equipped with an Active Line Filter.

The new technology of the ballast offers the same high quality standard as all ARRI ballasts and runs from 90 volts to 250 volts.

The Active Line Filter contributes to more economical use of power. The A.L.F. system performs power factor correction to eliminate the phase shift between the voltage and the current sine wave. With unity of Power Factor the required apparent power is optimized to a minimum. Since electricity supply companies charge for apparent power, A.L.F. helps to save costs.

Photograph or Image   New ARRI EB 200 EVENT NINE

With the new EB 200 EVENT NINE ARRI expands its EVENT product range. In addition to the existing EVENT systems the 9- channel 200W version offers you high flexibility paired with compactness.

The system is perfect for smaller events and exhibitions or as an add-on system in larger shows where 200W daylight power adds the finishing touch.

The EB 200 EVENT NINE comes with DMX control, manual dimming option on the front panel and active ignition control to protect the lamp. As well as all the standard protection and system analysis circuits the Active Line Filter (A.L.F.) with its power factor correction is also included in the new ARRI EB 200 EVENT NINE.

Photograph or Image   Event Multi-Function System

At a Glance:
  • Multicore distribution for standard film lighting
  • Up to 18 heads 200-1200W from one system
  • Intelligent split boxes - plug in a discharge head as easily as tungsten
  • One system for three sizes of head
  • No risk of incorrect connection
  • Modular
  • Transmitter technology for Event heads uses standard cables and split boxes
  • Integrated dimmer ( 50-100% )
  • DMX 512 remote control
  • Indicators for: operation modes, power control, failure detection
  • Active Line Filter
  • Standard 19" rack system
The Event Multi-Function system is the latest development of our Event lighting range.
Having developed 200, 575 and 1200W Event systems for the exhibition market, the next step was to provide a unified ballast and cabling system for all three.
Using the innovative Transmitter Technology (patent pending) in combination with the Event Multifunction ballasts, it is possible to drive all ARRI Event daylight fixtures of 200W, 575W and 1200W. A transmitter is connected inline with each lamp head allowing the ballast to identify what is connected and automatically supply the appropriate power.
By using the transmitter system with multifunction ballasts, existing cables and split boxes can be utilised eliminating any risk of connecting lamp heads to inappropriate ballasts.

Location System 200/575/1200

The Location system is for use with standard lamp heads. Each pack is connected by a multicore cable to an intelligent split box, which can be positioned conveniently on set.
The split box identifies what combination of heads are connected
and ensures that the correct power is always supplied with no risk of damage to heads or ballasts. For higher powers a 2500/4000W rolling rack is available containing three 2.5/4kW ballasts supplying a three way splitter box via a single multicore cable.
Powering a discharge head becomes almost as easy as plugging up an incandescent