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XIGO - EFP Mobile Studio (Electronic Field Production Unit)

XIGO is proud to present the all new mobile EFP Unit that will be showcased around the world demonstrating the LDK 8000 HDTV WorldCam full multi format production camera in a Triax Field configuration & also Thomson's powerfull HD Wirless system using the LDK 8000 camera head & HD wirelss camera adapter LDK 5424!
Sitting in the heart of EFP system will be the new Kayak 300 High Definition 3 M/E Multi Format Mixer with up to 96 Inputs & 48 Outputs*

* Includes Aux, PGM, PVW Etc..

Other Systems are most certainly available upon request in a much lighter more cost effective solution!
EFP System Flow Diagram (Intellectual Property of XIGO Ltd.)
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Conceptual Flyaway Design (Intellectual Property of XIGO Ltd.)
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This system is comfortable in any live event and with a Multiview & Seperated Camera Control & Monitoring system, no one will break out into a sweat!

HD Multi-Format High-Definition Production Camera
Photograph or Image   The LDK 8000 camera continues and extends this record of exceptional performance. Leveraging our extensive experience in digital cinematography, we designed this HD camera specifically to sample a chosen scene so that it faithfully reproduces what you see. Its color-space technologies ensure accurate color reproduction even in difficult applications, such as mobile production sites where lighting is typically difficult to control. With three next-generation 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+!" CCDs, the LDK 8000 is the only camera available that can capture true progressive HD images, natively, and switch instantly between multiple formats and frame rates. Coupled with an extensive feature set, format flexibility, and excellent performance, its a perfect match for the intense demands of todays productions.
This flexibility makes LDK 8000 a superb choice for live production where content will be used for HD DVD distribution.
With its 1080p origination, selectable in frame rates up to 1080p60, your finished material can closely resemble material finished on film. With an updated ergonomic design, the LDK 8000 speeds production workflows with focus-assist tools and smart cards that store image and operational settings. Its transmission system interfaces include those for standard HD triax- and fiber-based infrastructures for maximum flexibility. And its optical design, coupled with a new DSP chipset, gives you even greater confidence in delivering excellent finished program material.

The LDK 8000 system features a compact, robust, and lightweight base station that can output SD and HD signals simultaneously. And by using a Grass Valley SuperXpander large lens adapter kit, complete with an HD high-resolution viewfinder, the LDK 8000 becomes a fully featured, full-sized studio camera ready for either studio or mobile applications.

LDK 8000 & HD Wireless Camera Adapter (WCA) LDK 5464/00
The Grass Valley HD wireless camera system combines our unrivalled experience in broadcast cameras with the latest in IT technologies. The result is a solution that gives you complete freedom of movement under the most demanding production conditions.
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With its compact design, integrated battery mount, and bi-directional digital transmission, the wireless system not only frees you from carrying additional equipment, it eliminates adverse effects from multipath reflections and lets you pass through doors, make low-angle shots, and choose the most suitable camera handling position all while providing excellent HD picture quality. Docking to HD LDK camera heads, the wireless system supports 1080i50/60 and 720p50/60 acquisition while using an innovative approach both to compression and transmission. For compression, it uses state-of-the-art JPEG 2000 technology with a 10-bit, end to end signal. You can even use intra-field or proprietary-wavelets, spatio-temporal compression. Whats more, there is no MPEGstyle group of pictures nor motion estimation or compensation. Consequently, every frame is of the same high quality and available for post processing and editing.

For transmission, this bi-directional wireless system provides genuine genlock and full camera control in the same way as a triax cable system. Coupled with a high-bit-rate enhanced COFDM physical layer, the system features low latency, letting you integrate wireless shots into your production with imperceptible video-to-audio delay. To fulfill specific requirements in different environments, it lets you balance between the robustness of its wireless transmission, picture quality, and low latency.

The wireless system also features a three-antenna diversity set. This receiving unit, when suitably placed, provides a
line-of-sight hooting range of up to 150 meters (480 ft.) Adding a second antenna set can extend the coverage area, letting you move, for example, from a stadium to a dressing room; the system switches automatically and seamlessly between the two antenna sets.

The connection between a base station and the wireless systems antenna set uses conventional triax cable, enabling you to locate an antenna up to 600m (1,970 ft.) from the base station using 11mm cable. The wireless system is also fully compatible with studio production facilities, the Grass Valley C2IP camera control system, and utilizes the same operational control panels as other LDK series cameras using the C2IP system.

HD/SD Multformat Production Switcher
At the centre of the EFP system will be the New Kayak 300, 3 ME High Definition & Standard Definition Mixer with up to 96 Inputs & 48 Outputs* The architecture of the Kayak HD and Kayak SD switcher families, makes them highly portable yet flexible. Both offer an internal sixchannel, RAMRecorder!" image store** that records and plays out clips, and stills. The standard capacity of the RAMRecorder unit allows approximately 30 seconds of clip playback in HD and 2 minutes, 45 seconds in SD. The KlipCache** options doubles this capacity to approximately one minute in HD and 5 minutes 30 seconds in SD. Whats more, the active-area feature of the RAMRecorder unit lets you reduce memory usage by defining the area of the raster to be captured or played back, such as with an animated logo in the corner of the screen.

* Includes PGM, PVW & Aux etc..
** RAMREC is an Option
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Powerful Internal Effects Add Punch to Your Productions
With four keyers, two backgrounds, two utility busses, up to four iDPM channels, and up to four chroma keyers per full M/E,
Kayak HD switchers give you more power per M/E than any other switcher in their class.

Effects Such as Slab Slits, Modulation Page Turn, Sphere, Ripple, Defocus, Trails with Wind...

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Key Feautures:
  • 8 RU model 3 M/E (other frames available in different configurations & frame sizes).
  • 3 M/E panel ( Other panels again are available separately).
  • Multiple panels can share resources of a single electronics frame
  • Kayak HD switchable between HD, SD formats
  • Kayak SD software upgradeable to multi-format HD/SD
  • Fully digital 10-bit, 4:2:2 inputs, outputs
  • Compact, lightweight frames
  • Low power consumption
  • Hot-swappable, front-removable modules and power supplies
  • Intuitive menu with touch screen
  • One DPM channel per M/E on keyer 1 standard with planar 3D effects; remaining channels optional as are nonlinear, lighting, and recursive effects
  • Two high-quality chroma keyers standard, per system, assignable to any full-function keyer
  • Four full-function keyers per full M/E, each with linear and luminance keying and wipes
  • Freeze-frame buffer on every full-function keyer
  • Five background generators include black, white, and three color backgrounds
  • Test-pattern generator
  • Two main wipe generators and four keyer wipe generators per M/E
  • YUV color correction standard on full M/E keyers and backgrounds, and on all switcher outputs
Gecko Flex Range - Modular Video & Audio Processing
XIGO extends the EFP system by including Thompson Grass Valley's Gecko Flex Range. The modular range of products provides the ideal end to end Audio & Video Processing allowing a vareity of functions to enhance the systems flexibility, from Externals, Aspect ratio Conversion, HD up conversion through to quality down conversion monitoring & distribution. These inteligent modules sit compactly with out complaint in there 2RU Rugged Frames & can be monitored & control by Newton PC Software or the Hardware Newton Remote Control 1 RU panel.
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GeckoFlex!" is a flexible, cost-effective, highly serviceable modular system in a compact frame that handles a complete range of modern broadcast signals. Its dual-reference distribution busses can share reference signals within a frame and you can update its I/O connections to fiber easily. All high-definition (HD) and most other GeckoFlex modules provide SNMP monitoring of signal formats and conditions as well as module operation, identification, and status.
Key Features:
* 2 RU, 10-slot architecture
* Hot-swappable modules
* Hot-swappable, redundant power supplies
* Supports existing 8900NET card for Ethernet interface
* Supports all currently shipping Gecko (8900) signal-processing modules
* Supports newly released HD distribution amplifiers
* Supports HD, fiber optic, monitoring down-conversion, reclocking, and equalization
* Supports Web browsers and Grass Valley!" Newton!", control solution
* Supports Grass Valley NetConfig!" Ethernet-based configuration software
* Supports SNMP-based remote monitoring tools, including Grass Valley NetCentral!" software