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ARRI Studio Cool

ARRI's product line of fluorescent studio lights, the Studio Cool series is introducing two new models, the Studio Cool 2 and the Studio Cool 2+2. Both new models as well as last year's introduction, the Studio Cool 4, have been designed for the professional user in all types of studio applications. Featuring the latest technology in fluorescent lamps with either 55 watts or 80 watts* and constructed with rigid aluminium extrusion profiles, all three models are available with three control module options. The "Multicontrol" version gives full DMX and 0-10V analog control features, as well as a built-in manual dimmer on the backside of the fixture. The "Phasecontrol" version allows conventional dimming via optional phase load adapters. The basic version is equipped with a 2 position switch, for single On/Off control of one or two tubes. The series covers the performance spectrum from 110-220 Watt (160-320W with 80W* tubes).

Main features of all models are exchangeable reflectors with quick locking fasteners, the detachable backside which gives easy access to the electronic modules and the hinged accessory holder. The separation of luminary and electronic unit allows for an especially easy service handling. The original fixture can be operated with another electronic unit.

Two different reflector types are available: A 120 deg. beam angle reflector for a wider and a 90 deg. beam angle reflector for a narrow light field.

A large selection of accessories gives maximum flexibility for any type of use. Special quicklock connectors allow stacking of several units together to build a customised combination of any of the models. The fixtures are then connected with connector cables to one another (max. 12 tubes). Only one power connection can then supply the whole circuit.

*80 W tube operation only possible with corresponding electronic unit
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At a Glance:
  • Hinged accessory holder
  • Detachable electronic units
  • Prepared for 80W* tubes
  • 4 bank, 2 bank, 2+2
  • 3 versions: Multicontrol Control Dual Switch
  • Exchangeable reflector ( 90 deg. / 120 deg. )
  • Extruded aluminum housing
  • Wide variety of configurations
  • Circuit / daisy chain
  • Dimming 100% - 1%
  • Flicker < 1%
  • Operating frequenzy 40 kHz ( full load )
  • Protection class 1
  • IP 20
ARRI Accessory:
  • Exchangeable reflectors with 90 deg. or 120 deg.
  • 4 Leaf Barndoor
  • Egg Crates
  • Intensifier
  • Filter Frame
  • Connection cables
  • P.O.-stirrup
  • Quick lock connectors
  • Mounting Baby Plate (m / f)
  • Mounting C-clamp