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Whether it is sports, concert, indoor or outdoor event, live or recorded, whatever your application is, we can build you an Outside Broadcast Trailer large enough to cover it!
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Photograph or Image   XIGO can provide you with a fully coach built & systemised Outside Broadcast Trailer unit. Trailers can be delivered from 10m to 12m long (approx) as a standard in-line trailer comprising of 8 to 12 cameras depending on additional services such as SNG or Microwave. We can also deliver 10m to 12m single or double expansion unit comprising of 12 to 22 cameras (12 to 18 with single expansion, 18 to 22 camera chains with double expansion approx).

In addition to the usual locker facilities around the vehicle such as electrical power inputs and bespoke Air Conditioning systems, the services within an Outside Broadcast trailer step up to another level. As we effectively provide more space for equipment, man power & services we thus increase the electrical power distribution system & services. Much care and attention is paid to the calculation of cooling of equipment with respect to room size, equipment's heat dissipation, number of operators present & outside climate factors of course.
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Photograph or Image   Ultimately as a broadcaster your objective is to get the best performance out of your Outside Broadcast van, truck or trailer as possible both production wise & financial wise. Whether your next vehicle purchase serves your OB department or adds to your hire fleet, the simple question is how many cameras can be realistically squeezed into this OBV. Don't forget the more cameras you add the more operators you need and that requires a lot more space, equipment, power and generates a lot more heat.

With ever evolving technologies, we realise that equipment size can play just as much importance as its features and vice versa. Monitors can only be so small and with the increasing popularity of multiviewers, monitoring probably is at its all time high in compactability. But for those who still prefer traditional monitoring ...
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... XIGO can provide near enough any ergonomic solution you require and make sure all equipment is at the operators reach.
We know Broadcasters have to cover large events with these super sized Outside Broadcast Trailers and travel great distances and unlike the Mid sized rigid OB vehicles these trailers need to be towed. We always recommend a suitable size tractor cab unit that can safely tow our trailers. XIGO can supply Outside Broadcast Trailers complete with tractor unit or simply advise you which unit to purchase upon completion of the early design stages for your budgeting purposes.
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Standard 12m Outside Broadcast trailer with Hydrauhlic slide out operator access platform and steps.

Mercedes Axor-C 1800 Series 4x2 Tractor


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