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The next level for broadcasters in the OB Vehicle range is a fabricated rigid box section built on a standard commercial vehicle chassis such as the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis Cab, Atego Chassis Cab or Axor Chassis Cab, otherwise known as rigid trucks.
Depending on how many cameras you wish to operate and the additional services you wish to integrate, XIGO can design, supply and build you a turnkey OB Vehicle with anything from 4 to 8 System Camera chains with dedicated workflow on a medium sized chassis still benefiting from being a 4x2 or 6x2 axle independent mobile production unit.
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Mercedes Axor-R Lowline 4x2 Ridgid Chassis
Mercedes Axor-R Lowline 6x2 Ridgid Chassis
The rigid construction contains individual dedicated work areas for Production, VT, Audio & Engineering. Industry standard 19 inch wide fabricated heavy duty box section racking with cable tray and equipment support for those heavier crates is used both inside and outside to accommodate all of our technical and non-technical equipment from Termination Panels to Electrical Power Input Services. Full attention is given to desk space and comfort of the operators as well as equipment layout and general ergonomics.
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Photograph or Image   We strive to achieve optimum working space for the OBV operators- everything from its aesthetical properties to technical specification and its ergonomics. All vehicles we supply come with an industry standard acoustic isolation barrier.We take a lot of care and consideration when positioning electrical components (e.g. Air Conditioning systems) that generate resonating or vibrating noise. However, if you have a particular acoustic isolation specification in mind, we can accommodate it too.
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Where possible outside skirt lockers are included in the design of the vehicle to house additional features such as Hydraulics, DC battery systems, Pneumatic mast pumps. Integrarted battery charging systems and isolation of such features would also be installed in the lockers. A safety monitoring system will identify components of the vehicle still deployed or not stowed away correctly via a pre-ignition warning indicator in the cab. Don't forget to put away those ladders!
Here is an example of an outside skirt locker where a bespoke power input panel is housed. Location/site power or generator power may be connected, monitored and changed over from here or from engineering area inside the vehicle. Cable entry is available by use of door stays allowing locker door to be partially open and locked at the same time. Bend Radius taken in to consideration when designing any Input panel.
Photograph or Image   Communications may be an additional service you might wish to integrate with your system. Whether it is simply a tripod anchor point on the catwalk of your vehicle or a fully pneumatic mast and motorised pan & tilt system cabled within a Nycoil self-retracting conduit, XIGO can design, supply, install & deliver.

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