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Photograph or Image   From a Single Interface product through to the Master Control output of your facility (MCR), XIGO is a solutions provider that is able to forefill your requirement in every area of your workflow.

Production and Post-Production
Photograph or Image   Miranda's range of production and postproduction interfaces includes camera mounted converters, which improve workflow while news gathering and performing HD electronic acquisition. Other desktop interfaces provide computer graphics to HD/SD conversion, and easy DV to SD/analog interfacing.

Multi-Image Display Processors
Miranda's all new Kaleido-X is a multi-room, multi-image processor and router in a single, expandable chassis. Kaleido-X provides 96 inputs, 8 multi-image outputs, and 48 HD/SD router outputs. The dual-head, 32-input Kaleido-K2 processor is ideal for advanced monitoring applications, such as multi-channel playout centers.
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Signal Processing and Distribution
Photograph or Image   The greatly extended Densité Series redefines infrastructure interfacing and distribution. With advanced new control and monitoring over IP capabilities integrated in signal processor modules, the ultra-compact range brings a new level of control sophistication to operators.

Graphics, Master Control Switching & Playout Servers
Miranda offers an unmatched range of master control switching and channel branding systems. The new Vertigo range offers advanced, multi-format channel branding with the most comprehensive suite of graphics automation applications.
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Miranda's iControl family of signal and facility monitoring products now includes multiple packaged systems for playout monitoring, remote station monitoring, remote set-top-box monitoring, and incoming feed quality control. These packaged systems bring together Miranda's expertise with SNMP combined with rich visual and acoustic monitoring. Despite their sophistication, they are simple to configure and operate; they are also highly affordable.

Miranda also offers a world-leading range of iControl Web products and integration services for highly customized signal and facility monitoring, including large scale systems for Network Operations Centres

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