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Miranda Product Line Up

Miranda Production and Post-Production
Photograph or Image   HDV Interfacing
HD-Bridge DEC+
HD-Bridge DEC
ASI-Bridge CAM

Camera Backs
DV-Bridge Cam

Graphic to HD/SD Video Interfacing

DV Interfacing
DV-Bridge Pro

Miranda Multi-Image Display Processors
Photograph or Image   Multi-room / pod processors
Kaleido-X (7RU)
Kaleido-X (4RU)

Single room / pod processors

Miranda Graphics, Master Control Switching & Playout Servers
Photograph or Image   Graphics and Master Control Workflow Software
Xmedia Suite

Channel Branding and Production Graphics Hardware
Vertigo XG
Imagestore 750 Logo
Imagestore HDTV Logo
Imagestore 300+ Logo

Integrated Master Control & Channel Branding Hardware
Imagestore 750
Imagestore HDTV
Imagestore 300+
Imagestore Intuition+

Playout Server With Graphics / Channel-in-a-box

Miranda Signal & Facility Monitoring
Photograph or Image   iControl monitoring and control over IP
iControl Packages
iControl PM
iControl RSM
iControl EDGE
iControl QC

Application Software & Server
iControl Web
iControl Application Server

Enhanced Monitoring with Streaming Video & Telemetry Data

Signal Processing and Distribution
Photograph or Image  
Housing Frame and Control
Densité 2 Frame 2RU Housing Frame
iControl Solo Remote control software
RCP-100 Remote control panel
CPU-EHT2 Enhanced Ethernet Controller Card with Dual Ethernet Ports

Frame Options
REF-1801 new Reference Module for Densité 2 frame with optional SPG
REF-1701 Internal Audio Reference DA
MSB-1121 Monitoring Swiching Bridge

HD Conversion and Processing
XVP-1801 new HD/SD Up/Down/Cross Converter
XVP-1801-UC new HD Upconverter
XVP-1801-FS new HD/SD Frame sync & ARC
XVP-1801-DC new HD/SD Down converter / ARC and Frame Sync

SD Conversion and Processing
XVP-1801-SD new SD ARC and Frame sync
ADC-1101 new Component Analog to SDI Converter
FRS-1103 SDI frame synchronizer/processor/Line Sync
DEC-1003 10-Bit Composite to SDI Decoder with Probing
DEC-1023 12-Bit 3D Composite to SDI Decoder with Probing
ENC-1103 SDI to Composite CAV/RGB Encoder
SDM-1151 5 channel SDI to composite monitoring converter

Audio Processing
DAP-1781 new 8 Channel Digital audio processor with Dolby Support
UAP-1783 new 8 Channel Universal Audio Processor
AAP-1741 new 4 Channel Analog Audio Processor with optional Dynamic processing and Up/Down mixing
ADC-1721 Dual Analog Audio to AES Converter
DAC-1721 Dual AES to Analog Audio Converter
EAP-1103 SDI Embedded Audio Processor/Shuffler/Mixer

Sync Pulse Generator
SPG-1801 new Sync Pulse Generator

Routing & Change-Over
HRS-1801 new HD/SD/ASI 10x4 Expandable Router
RCP-10x0 new Remote control panel for HRS-1801
HCO-1821 new HD/SD/ASI change over with clean switch

Monitoring and Signal Measurement over IP
HCP-1801 HD/SD Control Probe with Embedded Audio
SCP-1121 SDI Control Probe with Embedded Audio
VCP-1021 Composite Control Probe
DCP-1721 Digital Audio Control Probe
ACP-1721 Analog Audio Control Probe (Dual Channel)
Line Scope Option for probes/interfaces

HD/SD to Fiber optic Interfaces
FIO-1811 Single Optical to Electrical Converter
FIO-1831 Single Electrical to Optical Converter
FIO-1821 Electrical to Optical and Optical to Electrical Converters
FIO-1841 Dual Optical to Electrical Converter
FIO-1851 Dual Electrical to Optical Converter

RF to Fiber optic Interfaces
FOL-1601 new Fiber to L-band Receiver
FLO-1601 new L-band to Fiber Transmitter

Embedders and De-Embedders
AMX-1881 8 AES HD/SD Embedder
ADX-1881 8 AES HD/SD De-Embedder
AMX-1842 4 AES HD/SD Embedder
ADX-1842/1852 4 AES HD/SD De-embedder
AMX-1121/1141 2/4 AES Embedder
ADX-1121/1141 2/4 AES De-embedder
AMX-1101 Analog Audio Embedder
ADX-1101 Analog Audio De-Embedder

HD Downconversion and Distribution
HDC-1801 HD Downconverter and DA
HDC-1861 HD Downconverter and DA with analog monitoring output

Distribution and Monitoring
HDA-1822 HD/SD SDI DA with EQ
HDA-1832 Reclocked HD/SD SDI DA with EQ
SDA-1102 SDI DA with EQ
SDA-1112 Reclocked SDI DA with EQ
SDA-1142 SDI DA with Composite Analog Monitoring
SDA-1162 SDI DA with Composite and Audio Analog Monitoring
HDA-1931 new Single 3G/HD/SD/ASI Distribution Amplifiers
HDA-1911 new Dual 3G/HD/SD/ASI Distribution Amplifiers
VDA-1002 Analog Video and Tri-level sync DA
VEA-1002 Analog Video DA with EQ
VEA-1023 Analog Video Auto Equalizing DA with Remote Gain
DDA-1112 AES DA (75/110 ohms)
DDA-1132 AES DA (75/110 ohms)
ADA-1023 Dual (stereo) Analog Audio DA
ADA-1033 Dual (Stereo) Audio DA with Remote Gain

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