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Photograph or Image   The new ARRI MaxMover

At a Glance:
  • Automated Stirrup with Universal Adapter Plate
  • Accomodates Fixtures from 6kW-24kW
  • 80kg/176lbs Weight Load
  • Remote Control included
  • DMX Converter optional

  • Accessories:
  • Roadcase for MaxMover
  • Adapter plate for ARRISUN 60
  • Mitchell Adapter
  • DMX-Converter
A new ARRI automated stirrup, MaxMover, offers remote pan, tilt and focus for large lighting fixtures. Most large fixtures in your inventory can be fitted to the MaxMover and mounted on boom arms, tall platforms, or in hard-to-reach positions.

These fixtures can then be operated safely and conveniently from the ground using a simple analog or optional DMX (wired or wireless) control. A convenient interlock system and variable width adjustment feature allow for a variety of fixtures to be adapted to the MaxMover quickly on location.
What fits with the Universal Adapter Plate?
  • ARRIMAX 18/12
  • ARRI COMPACT 12000
  • ARRI COMPACT Theater
  • ARRISUN 120
  • ARRISUN 60 (also requires L2.37983.0!)
  • ARRI X 60
  • ARRI T 24
  • ARRI T 12
  • ARRI T 12 Theatre
The Universal Adapter Plate is also easily attachable to other fixtures!

  • Blue / Silver

Motorized Telescope TLH Series

The TLH-Series of motorized telescopes is designed for precise positioning of lampheads, video and audio equipment in medium and larger size studious, with a minimum height of 6 m. The telescope could be operated by tag cables or power rails. Both provide the possibility to change the setting of the lampheads in a very short time.
The telescope is horizontally and vertically movable for fully automatic operation in combination with a motorized trolley. It can be operated by a separate touch panel or wireless remote control unit via CAN-Bus, DMX or - on request- via PROFIUS. Highly accurate movements of the telescope on an installed studio track system, is made possible in connection with a special position encoding system.
A cable with reel ensures precise movements of raising and lowering the rectangular steel tubes and is equipped with special guides that prevent the tubes from getting stuck. Telescopes of the TLH-Series provide a very low radial tolerance and are fitted with emergency detectors to indicate overloads as well as slack cable and cable-breakages. Additionally the telescope incorporates detectors for the highest and lowest operating position. As a result of the modular design, the telescope can easily adapt to any studio size or various other customer requirements.

  • Compact shape
  • Modular system
  • Low-noice
  • Soft vertical movement by smooth start and stop ramp
  • Connections for motorized yoke and colour changer

  • Available types:
  • TLH series
  • TLH Media series