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Photograph or Image   Small OB Vans are often the hardest vehicles to build due to the limited space. We use commercial panel vehicles currently available on the market and customise them to become fully operational field production units. Depending on how many additional features you require integrated (e.g. SNG) we can design, supply and build a turnkey OB Vehicle with anything from 2 System Camera chains (Mercedes Sprinter chassis or smaller) to 5 System Camera chains (long wheel base Sprinter or Vario).
XIGO can supply the standard commercial vehicle within the scope of work or the vehicle can be free issued by the customer. Consideration is also made for the enviroment the vehicle will function in, such as extreme heat, 110% humidity or sub zero pipe freezing temperatures (local climate is considered). We also understand that OB Vehicles based on pre-manufactured chassis such as Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Vario Panel vans must be mechanically serviceable at the final destination (under warranty if new vehicle).

Compact solutions are employed in small vehicles where possible. Making use out of every small space available allows us to include features necessary to make the vehicle autonomous
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Industry standard 19 inch wide custom fabricated heavy duty box section racking is used both inside and outside to accommodate all of the technical and non-technical equipment from the termination panels to electrical power input services. We also make practical use of space for cable drum or camera cases that would be carried on-board with the vehicle. All necessary equipment and services are made at arms reach to the operators.

Our Systems are uncompromised by space and although space is often limited we will achieve as much prodcution enviroment as possible without sacrifice of ergonomics.

Picture shows production positioned across the axel of vehicle, allowing vision & graphic operators to sit comfortably.
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Photograph or Image   This picture shows mid installation of VT, Engineering/CAM & Audio area positioned broadside of a Mercedes Vario as well as return Air Conditioning system over head. Rack layout is detrimental to the operators and methodical positioning must be addressed at a very early stage of system design. XIGO applies a very disciplined system procedure when it comes to building vehicles as there is simply no room for error or mistakes.
Talk to XIGO about any of your Outside Broadcast Requirments whether they are small or large or simply at a consultancy level - we welcome current and new opportunitys world wide.

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