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Digital Matrix

Two Wire Intercom



The Zeus DSP matrix intercom system not only provides superior performance and reliability for all your communications needs, but can also function as the heart of a complete audio mixing/routing and control systems for many facilities. The RTS® Zeus DSP matrix intercom system provides 24 channels of high-quality audio in a compact 2RU package. Each channel is capable of supporting any of the RTS® Digital Matrix Intercom line of keypanels, or four-wire inputs and outputs for program and IFB feeds. The Zeus system comes complete with AZedit, Windows® based, full-featured configuration software, providing online and offline configuration capabilities. Meet any communication need without rewiring, jumper changes, or the need to take the system offline. Most changes can be made through the use of one of RTS®'s intelligent keypanels, where the more involved changes can be achieved either on or offline through the use of AZedit. Zeus also comes standard with full support for point-to-point communications, partyline conferences, IFB's, ISOlateGPIO's, control of external devices, including two-way radios, VOX's, tally and alarm indicators, is greatly increased. A back panel serial port is also provided for connection of RTS® accessories including additional GPI, level control panels, conference assign panels, and program assign panels.
Photograph or Image   Features:

  • 24 Ports
  • CD-Quality Audio
  • Cost-Effective
  • GPI/O Included
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Port Status LEDs

Zeus II
You need the capabilities, redundancy and programmability of a full-featured, top-of-the-line digital matrix intercom system, but have limited space in which to add the equipment. You also need to be able to expand the intercom system as your communications needs grow. The RTS® Zeus II matrix intercom system provides 24 channels of high-quality audio in a compact 2RU package with the added benefit of linking to other RTS® matrix intercoms via intelligent trunking. Each channel is capable of supporting any of the RTS® Digital Matrix Intercom line of keypanels, or four-wire inputs and outputs for program, partyline and IFB feeds. The Zeus II comes complete with AZedit, a Windows® based, full-featured configuration software, providing on-line and off-line programming capabilities.
Photograph or Image   Features:

  • All Communications Modes are Provided
  • Better than CD quality audio
  • External Interfaces Standard
  • Meet any Communications Needs Without Rewiring, Jumper Changes, or Taking the System "Offline"
  • Redundant Power Supplies Standard

RTS® Cronus® intercom is a modular 32-port digital matrix intercom in 2 RU (rack units) that can hold up to four cards with eight ports each. Based upon an advanced DSP architecture, Cronus® intercom has the ability to link up to four units into a single 128-port matrix. Using standard video coaxial cable, the maximum distance between the first and last Cronus® intercom system can be 300 feet, and still appear as a single matrix. However, when using the fiber option card, the distance is increased up to 15 kilometers nominally. When connected as a single matrix, the individual Cronus® intercom controls remains autonomous and independent at each matrix for the highest reliability.
Photograph or Image   Features:

  • Advanced DSP
  • Modular Architecture
  • Optional Backcards
  • Redundant Power Supplies Standard
  • RVON-C VoIP Option Card
  • USB Connectivity

The RTS® family of digital intercom matrices is the most extensive, most widely used, most scalable, and most backwards compatible line of intercoms in the world today. The newly-updated high-end ADAM matrix supports 8 to 1000+ users per system; 272 ports possible in just a 7RU frame. Utilizing a patented Time Division Multiplex (TDM) technique, the ADAM grows linearly as users are added; the system comes standard with newly-redesigned redundant power supplies, and the new redundant Ethernet master controllers, MCII-e, allowing for automatic changeover in the event of failure. ADAM is available with the widest variety of interface cards in the industry, which includes the AIO-16, AES-3, and RVON-8 VoIP interfaces. It also has a wide variety of cabling options, including RJ-11, DB-9, jack fields, and many others. With its NEW second generation controller card, it allows ethernet connectivity between the ADAM intercom and a PC running AZedit, and it can support 32 simultaneous AZedit sessions.
Photograph or Image   Features:

  • 8 GPIO's Standard per Frame
  • Compatible with ALL Current & Legacy RTS® Digital Matrix Intercom Keypanels & Accessories
  • Dual-Purpose Ports Support BOTH Keypanel and Four-Wire Audio
  • Fully Redundant Power & Controllers Standard
  • Individual Cross-Point Level Controls
  • Integrated Support for RTS® Intelligent Trunking of 31 Matrices (ADAM, ADAM-CS, Cronus®, & Zeus II)
  • Multi-Level IFB, ISO, Party Lines, Groups, and GPI's all STANDARD
  • Non-Volatile Configuration & Crosspoint Memory
  • RealTime Online Configuration & Monitoring
  • RTS® UPL (User-Programmable Language) for Custom System Configurations via Pulldown Menus
  • Supports 8 to 1,000+ Users per System; 272 Ports Possible in Just 7 RU
  • Supports Custom Cards for Widely Used Industry Interface
  • Widest Variety of Interface Cards in the Industry
  • Widest Variety of Wiring Options in the Industry

Adam -CS
Just like its "big brother", ADAM-CS comes standard with redundant power supplies, controllers and all of the features of the full ADAM. Providing up to 64 ports in just 5 RU of space, ADAM-CS provides a cost-effective solution, where space is critical, and reliability and performance can NOT be compromised.
Photograph or Image   Features:

  • 8 to 64 Ports in 5RU
  • All Cards & Power Supplies Hot Swappable
  • Most Affordable Fully Redundant Digital Matrix on the Market
  • Pre-Wired Rear Breakout Comes in DB-9 or RJ-11

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