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Photograph or Image   XIGO is a supplier and systems solutions provider for the full range of Snell & Wilcox products. Design, Supply, Integrate & Install. We can also provide full programming & custom software setups tailored to your business needs.

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Snell & Wilcox is one of the leading providers of conversion & restoration technologies. Their standards conversion products are universally recognized as the industry benchmark, and the signal processing and real-time restoration systems provide ones of the most sophisticated solutions available. The comprehensive range of conversion products also includes HDTV up/down/cross conversion, format conversion, and a wide variety of analog-to-digital conversion products.
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Photograph or Image   As broadcasters worldwide transition to digital and HDTV operations, they once again highlight an essential fact: broadcast infrastructure matters. The proper infrastructure is not only the key to a smooth transition to HDTV, but to future-proofing any television facility for even newer technologies certain to come in the years ahead.
The Snell & Wilcox IQ Modular line - now consisting of well over 300 modules and variants - is the leading infrastructure product in the world. From a single module for a specific task to racks of thousands of modules for the largest network installations, there's an IQ Modular solution for anyone needing to process SD or HD video and audio signals. The selection of IQ "building blocks" allows the implementation of virtually any kind or size television facility to fit any application.
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Kahuna is the world's first production switcher to offer simultaneous SD and HD operations in the same mainframe with the same control panel. It is also the first switcher to enable the seamless integration of SD sources into HD productions without outboard upconversion.
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With its multiformat SD/HD capability, Kahuna can mix existing SD camera feeds, graphics, handheld shots, and archive footage directly into an HD production with no need for the user to purchase expensive upgrades or extra outboard upconversion equipment.

Kahuna's extraordinary flexibility enables users to work initially in SD-only or HD-only mode, and then upgrade to simultaneous multiformat SD/HD operation whenever they choose. It not only provides unparalleled operational flexibility, but also delivers tremendous cost savings to users. Kahuna is a versatile solution for any emerging multiformat user-from the smallest broadcast station to the mobile remote truck to network operations center.
In addition to Kahuna, S&W offers a wide range of both SD and HD switchers, keyers and DVEs that are designed for flexibility and ease of use in any broadcast production environment. The switchers benefit from an all-digital design that has allowed the inclusion of many functions that were previously considered as add-ons. These are fully integrated so that everything works superbly together for easy, confident execution-even in potentially complex, live, on-air operations.

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