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Sony Systems Integration

Photograph or Image   XIGO is a supplier of Sony Equipment & Systems, we have had continued experience with Sony Specialist Products & integration in to our systems.

Live Production Camera Systems
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XIGO is a supplier of Semi Professional & Professional Camera systems and their accessories that are typically used for the ENG, EFP & TV Production enviroment.
System Camera Guide
Acquisition in the Studio and Outside Broadcast environments necessitates complete multi-camera systems, and users must consider not only the video performance of the cameras, but also peripheral facilities such as audio and intercom, control and monitoring facilities.

For these applications Sony offers a wide choice of models including the full range of base-stations, control panels, viewfinders and other peripheral products required for simple or complex systems.

These cameras fall into the following families:-

  • DXC-D50 family
  • BVP-E30 family
  • HDC-1500 family
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The DXC-D50 camera range is designed for the professional production environment. Cameras can be used with a low cost multi-core cable base station to provide all the facilities necessary for news or general purpose studios, but a triax system is also available for studio and OB applications.
The BVP-E30 family includes the latest Power HAD EX CCD and Digital Processing 14 bit technology to ensure outstanding performance for broadcast users. Advanced automatic functions, and a high-speed control system with comprehensive filing facilities provide rapid set-up for all shooting conditions. A complete range of single- and multi-camera control panels, viewfinders, triax and fibre-optic base-stations and other accessories allow a system to be tailored to individual requirements.

Providing full High Definition image quality, the HDC-1500 family are multi-format cameras that can be used for all the current and anticipated High Definition (HDTV) and Standard Definition (SDTV) acquisition formats. The CCD sensors use the 1920x1080 pixel Common Image Format, and as well as delivering 60I, 50I and 24P HD formats, built-in down-converters provide conventional 625 and 525 line SD outputs. 720P/50 and 720P/60 operation is also available. Portable HDC-1500 and full size HDC-1000 versions are available, and an innovative large-lens adaptor allows the portable camera to be quickly converted between tripod and handheld configurations.

We can fully integrate new or your existing camera systems in to any enviroment.
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XIGO can provide and integrate full recording and playback ability using Sony's world renowned VTRs in any format such as:

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Picture above shows VT Section Using Sony DVW-M2000P Multi Format Recorder/Player

Production Switchers
Photograph or Image   Sony's vast range of switchers compliment the core of the system offering flexible I/O's to cater for systems small and large.

Range Includes:

  • DFS-800A SD Production Mixer
  • MFS-2000 Small Scale Multi Format Production Switcher
  • DVS-9000 Modular SD production Switcher
  • MVS-8000G Multi-Format SD/HD Prodcution Switcher

Production Monitoring
Photograph or Image   Developed specifically for the most demanding broadcast applications where picture quality, consistency and reliability are paramount, the Sony LMD Series of professional LCD monitors offers a range of sizes covering 4 inch to 14 inches for use in the typical 19" rackmount application and as well as stand alone and with the integration of Multiviewers Sony also offer 20 inch through to 42 inches that greatly improve our viewing expierence in any space.
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Picture above shows fully integrated Production Monitor Gantry Using Sony LMD Family Monitors & DVS 9000 switcher

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