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DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering)

Photograph or Image   SNG Vehicles are also available from XIGO. We can provide you with a turnkey single or redundant (1+0 or 1+1) drive away or mobile antenna Satellite News Gathering (SNG) system. Working closely with specific SNG manufacturers makes it possible to deliver not only the most complex of SNG requirements to the highest standards but also integrated ENG units. This unique capability is achieved by co-operation of the SNG manufacturers and XIGO.
Our Vehicle Solutions are:
  • SNG systems for digital and/or analogue transmission
  • Digital compression system compliant with the MPEG-2 DVB standard
  • Antenna diameters of 1.0 to 2.4 meters
  • Production systems based on the Mercedes Sprinter, Vito, Vario, Volkswagen, Landrover or any Customised Coach Build Configurations

Whether you require a simple SNG compact drive away system incorporating a 1 camera ENG unit or a full sized Mobile Antenna System fully integrated with system cameras, XIGO can provide you with the right solution.
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Photograph or Image   We can provide self contained turnkey vehicles dedicated to the SNG mobile application that will include a fully integrated antenna roof mount system, full 19" racking bays for technical equipment, rear storage shelfs, on-board power generation, external power distribution for simple ENG lighting, seperate Air-Conditioning systems for both equipment racks and operators, vehicle stabilisation & climatisation enhancements.
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Above is a Mercedes Sprinter with fully integrated Mobile Antenna System during installation of SNG equipment
3 Camera DSNG Vehicle intergation with on-board power generation, simple storage & rear termination built again in a Mercedes Sprinter

Drive away systems are also available on our medium to large OB vehicles and trucks making them fully capable field units that are able to tackle all your broadcasting requirments.
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Visit our 4x4 XDEF Page for our Extreme DSNG 2 or 3 camera Production Units

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