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Outside Broadcast Vehicles (OBV)

Photograph or Image   XIGO specialises in a broad variety of OBVs, starting from as little as 2 to 4 Camera systems all the way up to 22 cameras. With our vast experience, we are able to deliver a fully functional OBV within 2 to 8 months depending on the size and system.
We can work with you to achieve maximum production space necessary to operate in your vehicle. Past experience gives us a leading advantage in the area of design & planning.
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Internal Construction
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During the design process a lot of consideration goes into the operators' workflow whilst a degree of practicality must also be remembered. Build quality is detrimental to a long lasting financial investment and only the best and most suitable materials are used.

Space & Access

Space is not a luxury a broadcaster has when it comes to OB Vehicles and making use out of every available part of the vehicle is important as well as serviceability and emergency access. A lot of thought and foresight must be incorporated in the design which can be achieved due to our experience.
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Electrical Systems
Photograph or Image   A good broadcast is a clean one. We feel strongly about electrical systems throughout the vehicle and can design a bespoke electrical input system tailored to the vehicle's power requirement and operational needs. Power redundancy is a very important feature in our installations. The ability to change over between location/site power and generator power quick and easy is paramount. Staying live 'on air' above all!

Optional Utilities and services
Depending on your budget, we are able to provide additional features to your vehicle other than the standard fixtures & fittings such as : Automatic or Semi Automatic Hydraulic stabilisers, DC battery systems, pneumatic mast systems, packaged & bespoke Air Conditioning systems with redundancy change over.
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Ergonomics & Design
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Our customers' input is very important to us. Realising that every broadcaster works in their own style, XIGO will not only ensure that your requirements are best met but the integration with other broadcasters and services is also available to you .
Hence we strive to deliver the most comfortable environment both inside...
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..and outside too.


Please select from below links to view types of OB Vans or Vehicles and or large OB trailers.

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